Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Green

It isn’t uncommon to find companies “going green” these days. But one specific dinning establishment is soooo green, even its delivery service pickup truck is environmentally friendly.

Enter Tito’s Burritos, a small “shack” in Summit, N.J. (Motto: "It's all good!") -- a local favorite of mine and hands down maker of the best Mexican food. (Remember the mystery meet fear I mentioned earlier? – none of that at Tito’s – all fresh!) Since I am not heading south of the boarder anytime soon, I frequent this place at least once a month – Taco Salad is my fav and I love to mix in all sorts of hot sauces.

Back to going green -- Tito’s actually turned its delivery truck over from diesel gas to ... get this ... used cooking oil! And sales of their logo'd bumper stickers go to benefit cause-related organizations.

Good food, good place.

P.S. – Look for a Tito’s heading to Morristown, opening soon near "The Green"

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