Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Would you like fries with that?

I love art. Especially painting. Currently, I am enrolled in a weekly art class that is as off the wall as the people in the class – seriously, it is called “Off the Wall and Edgy.” Now, just to clarify, I am not at all “edgy” especially when it comes to painting. I like everything to be just so. However, last week I created a little work that received some criticism from my fellow classmates.

On the topic of food, I introduce you to my latest piece – the hamburger (in watercolor).

After overcoming the debate to paint green apples or a hamburger straight from memory (no picture to copy) I opted for the burger and began with a pencil sketch, slowly filling in the bun, tomato and burger. My class really seemed to like how it was coming along. Some even joked about the “floating bun!” (At the time the lettuce was not painted, giving illusion to a bun hanging in space – picture it.)

Here’s the thing – once I seemed satisfied with my hamburger, red leaf lettuce and all, I proudly showed it off, only to receive intense feedback that the painting was much more desirable with the floating bun!!!!! These people are CRAZY I thought! Why would anyone want a floating bun? One classmate even asked that I paint little people in the meat to send some sort of message (still not sure what that “message” may be…) Regardless – here I am, sitting in class thinking, well maybe I need a plate, or a French Fry or even a Coke to complete the meal because clearly all I have is a burger hanging in the middle of nowhere.

So what do you think? Floating bun or no? Fries? A pickle? (It’s too late for cheese – not sure why that isn’t included – I do love cheese.) How about a giant mouth eating it? Oh the choices. I return to class tomorrow to face the big decision – to continue this piece with some sides or move on to another piece and leave it as the “floating hamburger.”

After all – feedback proves that objects hanging in space can be art!